Acts in 2017


11th Blomberger Songfestival: the audience is enchanted!

The singer/songwriters of the 11th „Blomberger Songfestival“ have enchanted the audience with an incredible diversity and creativity and with captivating songs and music on a very high level. The enthousiam of the audience was palpable. Both evenings terminated late at night with standing ovations.

5The festival Friday was opened by Mickey Meinert who grew up in the region of Detmold (near Blomberg) and who presented his new album. He works for many groups as a guitarist, also on an international level, and he was happy to present his own songs at the festival. His sideman was Matze Pethig who played the guitar and for one song the mandolin. The audience was especially enthousiastic when the duo played the song „Rock’N’Roll Denkmal“ (meaning Rock’N’Roll monument) which is really made for Mickey even though it was written by one of his friends.


3The singer/songwriter Christina Lux from Cologne presented her new album at the festival which is her first album with songs only in German language. The audience was impressed by the profoundness of the texts and by her fascinating voice. The public much appreciated her comments regarding the background of the songs. Her calmer songs made the guests hold their breath away.



2The top act on Friday evening was the duo Carolin No who had already been invited to the Blomberger Songfestival in 2016. Like in 2016, the two musicians enchanted the audience within seconds. Their songs transport an credible intensity and the audience made the duo continue until late at night. Carolin No was impressed by the number of CDs sold after the show.



10The Saturday evening was opened by Volkwin Müller, singer/songwriter and founder of the Blomberger Songfestival. He was accompanied by the renowned guitarist and producer Uli Kringler (Hamburg). The duo gave a new interpretation of some international hits like „Roxanne“ (Sting) or „Help“ (Lennon/Mc Cartney) but they also played the „best of“ of their own song portfolio. The public was enchanted and especially Volkwin’s song „Wenn einer geht“ (when someone leaves) was particularly touching.


8The second act of the evening was the 27 year young Tom Klose from Hamburg. His combination of acoustic guitar, voice and loops was especially fascinating. The public could hardly believe that there was only one musician on the stage.





7The top act on Saturday evening was the Irish singer/songwriter Luka Bloom. Bloom came to Germany only for this concert in Blomberg. He established very quickly an intensive link with the audience. The guests loved his humorous comments regarding the background of his songs and he animated the public to sing with him until late at night. He thanked the audience for the standing ovations with a totally unplugged bedtime song for a good night.



The 11th Blomberger Songfestival was once again very impressive with a great atmosphere! Our thanks go to the wonderful musicians, our technicians, every single person who helped us at the festival, the sponsors and the town of Blomberg! Of course, we also thank our guests for their fidelity and enthousiam! These photos taken by Karl Heinz Krull give an idea of this year’s festival.