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12th Blomberger Songfestival: Sun in the hearts

The versatile programme of the 12th Blomberger Songfestival left an enthousiastic and responsive audience behind. Standing ovations during and after the acts showed effectively how much the public appreciated the diffferent performances of the renowned and less known singer/songwriters.

The initiator of the festival Volkwin Müller opened the festival Friday with a trio that he formed especially for this concert. The trio performed Volkwin’s songs of his current album „Mit anderen Augen“ (with different eyes). The singer/songwriter’s sensitive and warm voice and the sound of his acoustic guitar were perfectly completed by the renowned guitarist Uli Kringler and by Martin Denzin on the percussions. Volkwin’s lively songs went directly into the public’s hearts and revealed to be handmade catchy songs.


The second act of the evening was singer/songwriter Katja Werker (voc./guitar). She played at the festival one of the last concerts of her impressive career. She mainly played songs of  her new album „Magnolia“. This album has recently been nominated for the German music award „Deutscher  Schallplattenpreis“. Katja changes during her show from appearing almost fragile to being very strong. In her special way she took the public with her on a very extraordinary trip.


The highlight of the first festival day was Purple Schulz who presented in Blomberg his current programme „Der Sing des Lebens“ (the song of life). The audience followed him enthousiastically when he performed his old hits in a new way and listened attentively to the texts of his new songs. Purple’s current songs are sometimes amusing and sometimes very serious. He showed once again his talent as a songwriter, musician and entertainer. His sideman Markus Wienstroer gave the songs with his guitar or his violin even more profoundness. The duo had to play several extra songs before the audience let them leave into the night.

The festival Saturday was opened by Teresa Bergman. She grew up in New Zealand and now lives in Berlin. She surprised her public with her great voice and her presence on the stage. Teresa combined elements of folk, funk and jazz. Her typical groove and her stylistic contrasts as well as her mixture of fun and intimacy made of her performance a magical moment.



The second act of the evening was Schelpmeier & die Plögerette who presented Schelpmeier’s current album „Lass uns bleiben“ (let us stay). „Lass uns bleiben“ is the first CD that Schelpmeier (voc./guitar) registered completely together with his duo partner Natalie Plöger also named „die Plögerette“ (contrabass/voc.). Schelpmeier & die Plögerette mainly played ballads with subtile texts and surprised the public with an impressive tango. The more rock’n’roll influenced songs made the public participate.


The main act of the festival Saturday was the band Someday Jacob. The musicians from Hamburg and Bremen played songs from their new album which was registered in Nashville: „Everybody Knows Something Good“. The band with frontman Jörn Schlüter (voc./guitar), Uli Kringler (guitar/voc.), Martin Denzin (drums/voc.) and Manuel Steinhoff (bass/voc.) was probably the greatest surprise of this year’s festival. Hardly anyone in the audience new the group before. The band fascinated the public with its songs and above all with the apparent joy to make music and to be on stage together. The songs are somehow direct, open and clear. In the band’s announcement it said that the musicians would „make the sun rise in the northern plains of Germany“. The sun rose in the hearts of the audience. No wonder that the CD stand had to declare „all sold out“ after the show.

12th „Blomberger Songfestival“

November, 2nd and 3rd, 2018 – start at 7 pm

Location: Kulturhaus „Alte Meierei“, Brinkstr. 22


At the beginning of November, fans of handmade music should not miss the 12th singer/songwriter festival in Blomberg!

This year’s programme promises once again an incredible diversity and creativity and captivating songs and music on a very high level.


The programme:


Friday, 2nd of November

VOLKWIN Trio (Detmold/Hamburg)
Katja Werker (Wegberg)
Purple Schulz (Köln) „Der Sing des Lebens“

Saturday, 3rd of November
Teresa Bergman (New Zealand/Berlin)
Schelpmeier & die Plögerette (Detmold/Berlin)
Someday Jacob (Bremen/Hamburg)

VOLKWIN (Foto: Dirk Schelpmeier)

Singer/Songwriter Volkwin Müller will open the festival. In his concerts, he performs his own songs as well as songs of other renowned songwriters. He sings and plays the acoustic guitar reducing the songs to an intense quintessence. At this festival, Volkwin will be accompanied by two extraordinary musicians: Uli Kringler (guitar) and Martin Denzin (percussion).




Katja Werker (Foto: Nils Bornemann)

The second act will be singer/songwriter Katja Werker. Her concert at the Blomberger Songfestival will most probably be one of the last live performances of her impressive career. She will present her new CD „Magnolia“ which is much appreciated by her fans and the music press. This CD has been nominated for the German music award „deutscher Schallplattenpreis“.




Purple Schulz (Foto: Bettina Koch)

The main act of the first day will be Purple Schulz with his new programme „Der Sing des Lebens“. Purple Schulz is since more than 30 years present on German stages. He is not only a renowned singer and composer but also a great entertainer who surprises his public at each show. His shows are an impressive mixture of his former songs and hits and his current new compositions. Most of his shows end with standing ovations.




Teresa Bergman (Foto: Jim Kroft)

The second festival day will be opened by Teresa Bergman who is known for her amazing voice and presence on stage. Teresa was born in New Zealand and chose Berlin as her current home. Her music is a wonderful combination of folk, funk and jazz. Her groove is almost legendary and her mix of styles guarantees magical moments.





Die Plögerette und Schelpmeier (Foto: Joline Ludwig)

The second act of Saturday evening will be performed by Schelpmeier & die Plögerette. The duo presents Schelpmeier’s new album „Lass uns bleiben“. Schelpmeier has published among others three solo CDs with German songs in the category of folk, jazz and pop. His new album is the first one that he has registered completely together with his duo-partner Natalie Plöger who is known to a larger public as the contrabass player of Elaiza who represented Germany at the Eurovision Song Contest in 2014.




Someday Jacob (Foto: Caspar Sessler)

The top act on Saturday will be the group Someday Jacob. The musicians from Hamburg and Bremen will play songs from their new album „Everybody Knows Something Good“. The new songs have something frank, direct and clear. Someday Jacob found the right person for the sound in Nashville with the Grammy®-awarded Rick-Rubin-Sidekick Ryan Hewitt (Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Johnny Cash, Avett Brothers, Angus & Julia Stone). The master has been realised by Richard Dodd (Tom Petty, George Harrison). At the 12th Songfestival in Blomberg frontman Jörn Schlüter (voc./guitar), Uli Kringler (guitar/voc.), Martin Denzin (drums/voc.) and Manuel Steinhoff (bass/voc.) will present songs from this album and „let the Californian sun rise above the Northern German plains“.


Festival tickets and be ordered under +49 5235 95190 (Volksbank Ostlippe, main sponsor of the event). Advance booking tickets are at 28 Euros per evening (32 Euros at the box office). A ticket for both evenings costs 52 Euros and can only be purchased by advance booking. Ticket sale starts on July, 20th, 2018.